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Basic Do's And Don’ts For Creating An Expository Essay In The APA Format

When it comes to writing academic papers, students are advised to ensure everything is done the right way and this means that the right format should be employed so that at the end of your writing, everything comes out neat and organized. Writing formats designed for academic purposes are meant to ensure that students submit presentable papers and this means that the writings can be read with ease, referenced based on the bibliographic information given and also that students can always be able to explain themselves well in writing. Among the top academic writing styles and perhaps the widely used is American Psychology Association writing style usually abbreviated as APA. With this writing style, there is a way title pages are supposed to be formatted, paragraphs organized and information relayed. Given that academic writing styles are largely employed in college writing, they are taught right from the time a student joins high school. However, this depends on how your education system is designed which usually vary from country to country. In most learning systems in various nations, academic writing styles are intensified in college for purposes of project writing. This is notwithstanding important.

Well, to this end, you would be probably asking what APA format entails as well as what are the dos and don’ts a student should know. Sometimes, students tend to mix up writing styles and a recipe for poor grades. This means that you should take a look at this resource for more information. This post also gives some basics on the same, so read on.

Do cite your sources correctly

There are guidelines for citing academic papers and so, if you have been assigned an APA expository writing, the same rules for citation in research writing applies, in which case, the author’s name and year of publication must always be bracketed and separated by commas within the body text.

Don’t use fancy fonts

In as much as you want your essay to look attractive, avoid use of decorative fonts. The general rule of the thumb is times new roman font twelve.

Do space your body text appropriately

Well, APA style of essay formatting advocates for doubled spacing for the entire lines of the body text. Always take note of this.

Don’ts of paragraphing

Do not double space your paragraphs at the start to distinguish them from each other. However indenting is what APA formatting advocates for.

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