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War Against Terrorism

When we think about the war on terrorism, we often think of other countries being at war with America and entire groups of people hating this country. Things are never so simple though. As usual it is a small thing that snowballed into something huge that has now taken on a life of its own. It all started with a man writing a book, a religious text, which made up lies about an entire religion. These people have been lied to and taught to hate everyone who does not feel the same way do. This is not entire countries or a whole religion. It is a small group of people who believed a lie.

The war on terrorism goes on every single day because a small portion of some Muslim extremists want to create chaos and terror in this country because they believe that we are what is wrong with the world. They think this because we go to war to help countries they don’t believe we should and because we pray differently than they do. When you put it that way, it seems like an exaggeration on some very small issues. And that is what it is.

These people are often conditioned from a young age to hate this country for any reason they are given. Some don’t even know why they are willing to destroy us. They just believe what they are told by others who think we are the enemy. This tragic war continues to go on because of a fraction of people who choose chaos instead of peace and violence rather than harmony. So many people still believe that whole countries or religions are corrupt or evil because of this misunderstanding in what they stand for.

Hopefully, these people will educate themselves, realize that they are corrupting their own religion and doing things not sanctioned by their actual holy book and stop the fight. Until then we have to have task forces and agencies just to watch out for the next attack. We don’t hear about most of them because they are stopped, but there have been many more attempts since 9/11. We just have to hope that everyone comes to the truth in their own time.

Until that day comes though, we are at war. But please don’t get it wrong, we are not fighting an entire people, just the few who wish us harm. So don’t single out anyone who “looks like a terrorist” because of their skin color or religion. Take the road to peace and let peace come of it.

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