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Informative Essay Prompts: 20 Great Suggestions For Students

In secondary school and at university, you’ll have to write quote a few informative essays about numerous subject areas, from the life sciences to art history. Informative essay writing is an important skill, which is why it’s so closely emphasized over the course of your education. These types of papers require you to analyze and synthesize data from a variety of sources, weaving the information together into a cohesive and logically coherent whole.

In an informative essay, you’re not making an argument for a particular opinion or point of view. Rather, you’re presenting information in the most objective, unbiased, and empirical way that you possibly can. The goal is to present the information in a concise, cohesive, and enlightening way. In some cases, especially in lower grades, the information in your essay might actually be related to personal experience or anecdotes. At higher levels, it’s more likely to require you to research an area of academic study.

  1. Discuss your favorite period in architecture.
  2. Discuss your favorite artistic movement.
  3. Discuss the impact of tourism on a particular city, country, or region of the world.
  4. Compare styles of dancing across different cultures.
  5. Compare and contrast the ideas about the nature of good and evil in two different religious or philosophical systems.
  6. Discuss the causes and effects of air pollution, either in a particular region, or in general.
  7. Talk about how censorship has developed and evolved through different times in history.
  8. Compare the styles of food and cooking between two different cultures.
  9. Talk about the origins, development, and future of electric cars.
  10. Discuss alternative energy solutions that could reduce reliance on fossil fuels; either individually, such as solar or geothermal, or collectively as a whole.
  11. Discuss the platforms and political philosophies of a political third party or minority party, either contemporary or historical.
  12. Contrast two different philosophies of economics, such as Marxism and Capitalism.
  13. Examine evolving ideas throughout Western history concerning the intrinsic rights of human individuals (e.g. life, liberty, and property).
  14. Discuss the evolution of modern computing, from early mathematical theoretical developments to the latest digital technologies.
  15. Discuss the evolution of advertising during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and consider its influence both on cultural trends, and on individual psychology.
  16. Talk about changes in ideas of dating and courtship over the last few centuries, from arranged marriages and formalized courting practices to the modern idea of dating.
  17. Discuss how the modern-day newspaper developed, from the eighteenth century through modern digital publications.
  18. Examine the underlying psychological factors that are generally held in common among modern and historical serial killers.
  19. Compare two radically different styles of art or architecture.
  20. Discuss the importance of a man-made monument or landmark to the area and culture where it is located.

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