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Picking Third Person Narrative Essay Topics: Helpful Directions

A narrative essay is supposed to be pleasant for your colleagues, and easy for you. However, at times you can face difficulties, because it’s not easy to choose a topic that is suitable for everyone. You have to make sure that you don’t touch any sensitive points, that you do not offend anyone with your story and that you keep your colleagues interested at the same time. This is a lot to ask, even from the best student. Things get even more difficult when you have to write the story from the third person; this generally means that you can not tell one of your personal experiences. Here are some helpful directions:

  • Ask your parents for some ideas. The big advantage is that you have plenty of time to ask them questions and information about the story. It would be very interesting to find out how they met, and how their relationship evolved. With this you can prove that even the most silly relationship can be forever, and that true love really exists.

  • Discuss about a personal experience from the third person. You have to imagine how someone else saw the entire situation, not how you perceived it. This is very easy to do if you think about a story where many people are involved; pick someone you know very well, like your best friend, and write the narrative essay from his point of view. To make it even more authentic, you can actually ask him how did he feel in that time, what did he think about an issue and so on.

  • Talk about a famous event. This is something that not many students do, so you can be sure that your topic is unique. You can put yourself in the position of a king, singer or president and try to tell a story from their perspective. Of course, this means that you have to know a lot of information about them, so you will need a few days to make research. If possible, try to find articles or interviews that mention that situation, just to know what they think. If you are doing this, try to be as nice and simple as possible. In the end, you are interpreting a real person in your essay and you would not want to do or say something that could be offensive for them.

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