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A List of Exciting Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students

Persuasive essays can be fun to write. So do not worry the next time your teacher assigns one to be written. You can pick a topic that is interesting or important to you, and then you can prove that you are correct in your thinking about that topic. Then you can begin the process of convincing your audience that you are correct in your thinking. You have to make sure that your paper is not all emotions and that you have found credible academic facts to support your main ideas. This paper can be a reflection of your thoughts and attitudes about a subject important to you. You should look at some of the persuasive essay topics listed below and see if you might want to use them for your next persuasive paper.

Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Cuba-should the United States begin normalized relations with a country run by a dictator and based on oppression
  • The Government-how much should the government know about your private life and at what point are they breaking laws by spying on people
  • Marijuana-how effective is medical marihuana and how dangerous is it really
  • Ebola-the history of the disease and how the officials have botched the handling of the disease
  • Wheat-is wheat good for us or is it really a poison that our body can not process nor can it tolerate
  • Obama-the worst president ever or the best
  • Prince William-why William should leapfrog Charles and why Charles would never make an effective leader for the British people
  • Blood Diamonds-where do we stand today and when will it ever stop
  • ISIS-why they must be stopped and not be allowed to continue terrorizing the rest of the world
  • Our environment-how the earth is better today than it was yesterday and how it will be in better shape tomorrow

The trick with a persuasive paper is to find the topic you love. And then you need to find an equal amount of academic support and an equal amount of your thoughts to be included in the persuasive paper. Your goal is to inform and to persuade your audience to agree with your ideas on the subject that you have chosen for your paper. You can use the topics listed above or you can use the topics as an inspiration for a persuasive essay that you would like to write.

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