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Top 30 Controversial Essay Topics You Can Choose From

When selecting an essay topic one should strive to grab the attention of the reader and hold their interest throughout the duration. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose a topic with an element of controversy and to argue your point of view convincingly. A rule of thumb for identifying controversial topics is to ask your self does said topic fall into any of the following categories: politics, religion and sex. If it does you are well on your way to an interesting and thought provoking essay.


  • While it is unwise to disclose your political – to a lecturer without knowing what their political stance is you can critique political parties, personalities and strategies in an academic manner. Topics such as
  • Why Hillary Clinton should have been president
  • George W Bush unsung American Hero
  • Is the Democratic agenda in the best interest of the American people
  • Is the Republican agenda in the best interest of the American people
  • Communism the way forward
  • Immigration reform the changing face of Americans
  • The right to bear arms: From my cold dead hands
  • A critique of the Obama administration (your position can be either positive or negative)
  • A woman’s’ right to choose (either side of the abortion debate)

Another touchy subject is religion. It stirs up passion and regardless of how well you state your agreement and – your evidence there will be someone who will strongly disagree with you.

  • The myth of evolution
  • The myth of intelligent design
  • Does God Exist?
  • Who was Jesus?
  • Is the bible historically accurate?
  • The bible: Foundation stone of patriarchy
  • Who was Muhammad?
  • is the Quran historically accurate
  • is the pope infallible
  • Why priests should be allowed to marry
  • Mormonism religion or cult
  • Universal Unitarianism the blueprint for peace
  • Crossing over: Is there really an afterlife

Finally, topics related to sexuality are often considered the most taboo and as such should be treated with respect and care. These subjects include

  • Born what way
  • Born this way
  • Asexuality myth or reality
  • Hym and Hir: and exploration of the gender spectrum
  • Why gay marriage should be allowed under federal law
  • Why federal law should disallow gay marriage
  • Pedophilia just another sexual orientation

Many other topics can be explored under the headings of sex alone but this list of thirty should be enough to get your creative juices flowing. Just remember to tread as carefully as you can.

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