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Searching for 7th Grade Expository Essay Examples

An expository essay is one requiring a student to investigate on an idea, make an evaluation of evidence, expand on the idea, and put forward an argument. Its basis is on the idea in a concise, clear manner. This type of writing is accomplished through example, definition, comparison and contrast, the cause and effect analysis amongst others. Getting samples for7th Grade is easy and simple. You will need to spend much of your time searching on a search engine.

The five-paragraph Rule

One of the common methods of writing expository essays is the five-paragraph approach. However, this is not the only essay writing formula. The popularity of the five paragraph approach is mainly because of its straight-forward nature; the method includes: an introductory paragraph; three body paragraphs that are evidentiary; and a conclusion.

Where to find original essays

There are several original topics on for students available on the internet. The internet has a rich collection of potential topics. You can take a topic and add your twist to make it more interesting and original. You can also take a topic that is intended for an older audience and then craft it to fit at your study level.

Reviewing previous writing examples from different high school class might give you insight on slightly degrading the topic to make it more appropriate for your study level. You can also look into high school topics in literature and take a topic better suited for you but is also unique. A few ideas of topics you may want to review are:

  • Should we deny the Holocaust?

  • Has Homeland Security created a safer America?

  • In some States, it is illegal to cheat on a spouse. Should spouses caught cheating be prosecuted? If law enforcement is never done, should it still be considered as a law?

  • Are illegal immigrants entitled to citizenship? Should they be given different statuses with limitations?

  • Has the internet made children less intelligent and less socialized?

  • Is it time to review prosecution procedures for juvenile offenders? Should they be tried as adults?

  • Should toys imported from Chinese-manufactures be banned due to the lead poisoning threat?

Besides the internet, you may look into other resources such as the State Writing Assessment Tools and Resources available in more that seventeen States. You will find a vast collection of student writing samples as well as other writing resources.

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