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An Essay Writing Company: How to Detect Real Professionals

A quick search of the Internet reveals hundreds of companies that purport to offer professional writing services. Out of the many websites that cater to this service, few can actually back up the claim that they use writing professionals. To figure out which essay writing company is the best, students should use some of the following guidelines.

Look at the Portfolio

The best essay writing companies will be able to list some of their writers online. Each writer on their staff will have a list of qualifications next to their name. If the essay writing company does not put show the qualifications of their writers, they are probably resorting to unqualified professionals.

Around-the-Clock Access

Students can easily read the company's web page to see if they offer around-the-clock access. Afterward, they should send an e-mail to the company and ask a question. The student should write down the time that they sent the message and how long it takes to receive a reply. During the weekdays, the company should be able to respond within a couple of hours. If they do not respond immediately, it is a sign that there may be communication issues later on.

Published Testimonials

A good essay writing company will be able to show testimonials and reviews from former customer. If there are not reviews posted to the site, students should search the Internet and see if there are any published at another location. Poor-quality writing companies will be unable to show positive testimonials. In these cases, the student will most likely be able to find a negative review from somewhere else on the web.

Check Out the Sample Essays

In general, students should be able to find examples of essays online. The essay writing company will want to demonstrate their best work. By reading through the samples, students can gain a better understanding of how the company can help them complete the essay. They should keep in mind that the sample will be the writing company's best work. If this example is poorly written, the average essay will not be any better.

Be Suspicious of Free or Inexpensive Sites

Students should always be wary of a site that advertises free essays. On one of these free sites, the chance of the student ending up with plagiarized material is extremely high. Overall, students can expect to get what they pay for. If students pay for a cheap paper, the quality of the research and writing will reflect this.

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