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People Diagnosed With HIV/AIDS

People that are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS have in the past been victims of many circumstances. The situation has been changing with time as people have become aware of the facts that surround HIV/AIDS victims. In the past, they were victimized and stigmatized because people had little knowledge about the disease. Now many people know a lot about the disease. It was initially associated with particular behavior and habits that were not accepted in the society. Now people understand that HIV is not contracted from sex and sharing injection needles for the drug users only. They understand that there are many ways through which an individual could contract the disease. Unlike in the past when HIV/AIDS was viewed as one’s fault, today people understand the various ways through which one could get HIV/AIDS. People also understand that being close and in physical contact with those people that are infected does not in any way place an individual at a greater risk of getting infected too. The situation today is therefore not as difficult as it was in the yesteryears.

The Types of Stigmatization that People Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS Face

In the past, people who are infected have had to go through hell. Most of them were even forced to move out of their homes. They were abandoned by their family and friends. This was the worst stigma that these people faced. Some employers will fire those are affected or even demote them to lesser positions. They believe sick reduces the ability to perform well at work thus affecting performance. Some school will not give opportunities to affected persons. Worse still are the health officers who deny affected individuals medical care. With proper medical attention and living practices, people with HIV/AIDS can live positively and continue being productive as ever before. It is the work of the health officers to make sure that the affected get proper medical attention and advice on how to live a positive life.

Dealing with Stigmatization and Understanding the Rights of an infected person

To get help on how to address stigma, affected individuals should look out for the support groups that help people with HIV. One should also identify a social worker that they feel comfortable with to help them. The government is doing a lot to fight for the rights of affected persons. In some federal governments they are coved in the body that fights for the rights of people living with disabilities. The affected persons should be treated as equal to the healthy people.

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