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Where to Get Impressive Narrative Essay Topics for High School

Most universities and colleges require some type of essay for a high school student as part of their application to be accepted into the institution for the upcoming school year. Many college admissions counselors look for creativity and originality when it comes to these essays and a personal narrative essay will help a high school student succeed. A few ways exist for high school students to find creative and impressive narrative essay topics:

  • A Personal Story
  • Future Life Goals
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Travel Experience
  • Special Skill Sets

A Personal Story

If someone has a story to tell, they should make sure it finds its way to paper. Although it should be something that actually occurred, a student should write about a personal struggle or a story of how they overcame an unusual set of odds that landed them in the application process for the given university. Universities enjoy reading about personal struggles because they want to see the will of perseverance.

Future Life Goals

When someone embarks on a degree from an institute of higher learning, it is for the advancement of their future. If someone is applying for a degree in Economics, they need to sell themselves as how that degree will help them intern at a company or law firm and get them a job in the future in a world’s stock market. The purpose of the degree is the future, but the person getting it needs to explain why it is important.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteering is one of the most selfless acts a person can perform for people less fortunate than themselves. It shows the tireless work ethic of wanting to make the world a better place, communication amongst communities and team development. If someone has an experience in a volunteer organization, they are more likely to continue to reach out for the greater good of society.

Travel Experience

Sometimes experiences can be based on travel within or outside of one’s community. The best way to learn about true poverty or homelessness is to see it first hand in the streets of Southeast Asia or the Middle East. If a student’s interests lies in the study deforestation then an explanation of a trip to the Amazon proving the importance of nature could well be under way. Sometimes all it takes is explaining the outside world into your own world to truly develop oneself.

Special Skill Sets

If someone has a peculiar hobby such as bagpiping or riding a unicycle, they should tell the college they are applying to about it. Most schools crave the idea of originality amongst a sea of applicants that all have perfect attendance and perfect GPA’s. These schools want to know the applicant for who they really are, not just their quest for valedictorian.

Although these examples are for a college application, they are just as useful for any other reason. The written word is what often will be remembered, as it is branded into paper forever.

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