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Legalization Of Medical Marijuana

Medicinal Marijuana is prized by it's advocates as a wonder drug for ailments that are hard to treat with today's pharmaceutical pills. However, due to the drug's federal status as a controlled substance, most people don't have the choice of legally using it. Although the drug has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, some believe that it should not be a legal substance due to it's popularity as a recreational drug.

The Case For Medicinal Marijuana

Proponents of Medicinal Marijuana point out research that suggests it to be a treatment for several ailments. The most common is as an antinausea drug when people are doing rounds of chemotherapy treatments. Some say nothing else brings relief of the symptoms. Another use is as an anti-anxiety drug for people suffering from conditions such as Autism, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.

Abuse Concerns

Protractors have their doubts about the success of control measures though. The most common use in America is still recreational use. Some fear that the legalization of marijuana for medical use will lead some to figure out ways to get a prescription for the purpose of abusing it. Still others envision America being taken over by drug rings looking to maximize on growing and harvesting the plants to be sold for medicine.

Healthcare Concerns

Despite the concerns for abuse, withholding beneficial treatments from needy patients has to be taken seriously. Marijuana treatments are often suggested when other drugs have failed. In those cases patients have no other remedy. Consider for instance children who are undergoing intensive rounds of chemotherapy for Leukemia and are suffering drug reactions. For their parents to get them relief they would have to break laws and be considered child abusers. So, parents and healthcare workers alike watch the children suffer. This leaves many to ask when the patients rights should outweigh abuse concerns.

It is well documented that Marijuana has been cultivated and used as medicine for thousands of years without whole societies turning into lazy degenerates. The issue of providing a beneficial medical treatment to patients in need of the drug has caused a few states to decriminalize it and many more to explore legislation to do the same.

While cities and states cannot call the drug a legal substance due to the federal status of the drug, they can chose not to apply a penalty to possession locally. Undoubtedly debate will continue weighing a patients right to healthcare options against the risks of possible abuse.

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