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The Best Way To Write A Literary Essay On Jane Eyre

A literary work must be acceptable to be considered as so. Therefore a writer with the drive, passion and interest to write and pin a literary essay should be prepared to avert criticism positively by producing a work that is top notch and able to withstand the test of time.

Writing a literary essay about a specific person raises more hairs because of the caution and care required for such an essay to live up to its expectations. Knowledge about the character in question is necessary coupled with the dexterity of placing the available information and weaving them to an essay that captivates and communicates at the same time without disappointing on any particular given angle.

This article is therefore geared towards helping writers understand the inputs necessary to be able to make a literary essay about someone and in this case Jane Eyre a special reading.

Descriptive technique

Jane Eyre as commonly known in Charlotte Bronte’s Autobiography is the main character in this book. To be able to write about her the writer must be privy to the contents of this book and how its author brews together the behaviours and characteristics of the character in question.

A writer must be able to describe her, her temperaments, likes and dislikes and everything that makes up the character and personality of Jane Eyre. The physical attributes of the aforementioned character must also be taken into consideration to give the reader a full picture and over view of the person that the writer is trying to talk about.

Narrative technique

A narration is also requisite to explain more about the character. Giving a story will not only entertain the reader but also enable him/her to get behind the mind of the author and churn out the hidden meanings and the subject that the latter wanted to communicate. Elaborate the life story of Jane Eyre and the events that led to her situation and state. Make the reader empathize with her and paint a broader picture of the character.


Jane Eyre not being the only character in the book, you should do a comparison between her and others in the story more like a protagonist and antagonist are always compared by an author. Show the reader why they live different lives and the why. In this way the reader will be able to single out why she is the way the writing talks about her. Comparison also spices up the story and prepares a platform for suspense that will engage the reader throughout the literary essay.

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