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List Of Intriguing Opinion Essay Topics For Grade 6 Students

Writing an essay can be a challenge especially if one made a poor selection in topic choices. It is helpful when one chooses a topic with lots of information to write on as this makes it much easier for a student to construct the essay. Here are sixteen examples of intriguing opinion essay topics for six grade students:

  1. Show how the methods of teaching used by teachers in schools today affect you as an individual student. Make suggestions for possible alternatives if necessary.
  2. How has the recent drive towards healthy physical activity and healthy eating affected your lifestyle?
  3. Discuss how you feel about the relationship between you and your favorite pet.
  4. What do you think about the recreational activities made available to young students during their school careers?
  5. Express you opinions about the trip made to the moon and whether or not you think its wort the expense and effort to continue this type of exploratory activity.
  6. Why do you think human civilizations are not capable of avoiding war and conflict because of simple differences?
  7. Describe how the first day of school after returning from a long enjoyable summer vacation makes you feel.
  8. Popular music has recently been created by very young artistes and many adults think their productions are inferior despite popularity among young people. Discuss how this negative reception of new music by adults affects your listening choices.
  9. How do you feel about dentists and the fact that every one of us must, at some point in our lives, pay a usually uncomfortable visit to one.
  10. Describe how you were affected by the recent emergence of widespread LGBT activity in our society.
  11. Express your feelings, as a young child, about your lack of ability to make your own educational and career choices until you are much older.
  12. Give your opinions on racial practices that are commonly found in communities today, state whether you think they are positive or negative practices.
  13. Describe how you feel about your previous self, from ten years ago, when you were still a toddler.
  14. How do homeless people make you feel when you see them in the streets, begging for a meal or small financial donations.
  15. Based on your personal observations, how effective are conservation efforts targeted at the preservation of endangered species.
  16. What do you think about computers and the way they have changed our world. Do you believe they have made a positive or a negative change to our lives?

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