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Choosing The Best Problem Solution Essay Topics About Air Pollution

Problem solution essay is a type of writing in which writer describes a problem clearly and after that gives a suitable solution. Numbers of problems are increasing day by day in our life and solving one problem brings more problems. So problem should be solved in a proper way, so that it doesn’t create other kind of problems in your life. While you are thinking about writing an essay on the solution of air pollution it might be quite difficult because air pollution itself is a huge topic and solving that is not so easy.

Tricks to be followed while you are writing

Many researches are going on to reduce pollutions. To choose a solution of air pollution and write a paragraph on that solution can be easy for you if you keep some points in your mind. Some tricks which you should follow while writing a problem solving essay are as follows:

  • At first make a clear concept about the problem and source of the problem. If the problem is regarding air pollution then make a list of pollutions you have faced. After preparing the list decide the main resource of air pollution.
  • Give an example regarding the pollution so that reader can identify the exact problem clearly and take interest to solve the problem.
  • Before writing on a topic or problem you must research on that subject. This research helps you to get evidence which will support your statements and make your essay powerful, even if you have any misconception about the problem that will be cleared if you research on the topic and may be you will get many more fields to write and work.
  • After discussing about the problem and resources of air pollution you should give a solution in your essay. Choose a solution which is convincing and will be easy to follow for a ordinary people. At the same time the solution should be able to diminish air pollutions. Explain the solution in your essay and discuss the objective of the solution. Why you are choosing this solution that should also be mentioned in your essay. Also discuss some alternative solutions in your writing.
  • Give the reason, of applying your solution to solve the problem in your paper. Try to give examples how your solution works and request people to execute that. Also discuss how they will be benefited following the process.

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