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Practical Advice On How To Create A Thesis Statement For An Essay

Essays are one of the most assigned tasks. Students start attempting these papers since early grades and continue to write them for the rest of their career. If you sit down to write an essay for your school, you should keep several important things in your mind. This involves the structure of the paper, the format, the style, type, tone and the rest of the things in your assignment. Each assignment is different from other in some way. Even though most of the things would remain similar but each assignment will leave you something to learn. If you are to write a winning essay, you must have a strong thesis statement to start with. You may not have a clear idea about how to create a winning thesis statement for your assignment. In such a case, you should follow the instructions given below

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement consists of a sentence or two in which you explain the extract of your paper to the audience. If you ask yourself what I am trying to achieve through this paper, the answer to this question will be your thesis statement. You have to make sure it is relevant and shows the exact answer to the purpose of your paper. A reader should be able to look at this statement and have a clear idea about the scope and direction of your paper

How to create your thesis statement

The question that how you will create this statement is important, for that you should look at the headings below

Understand the subject

Know the subject that you are addressing in your paper. This should be clear because you will only be able to create a strong paper when you know what you are dealing with. Read works of other authors and see varying opinions on this subject

Choose a niche

Find a potential gap in the subject that you will make the focus of your paper. Brainstorm for ideas and find that niche which your paper will revolve around

Know the significance of this niche

Identify the importance of this gap and why it needs to be addressed

Write your solution

Write your thesis statement after analyzing the niche

Make sure it is precise

Avoid irrelevant details and keep to the point

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