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History Of Psychology

The world today is a much better place because of the man solutions psychology has provided it with. With the talking cure and a better understanding of the human mind, people are now relatively better at understanding their friends and family members. This is why it is important to understand how this complex and advanced branch of psychology came into being.

History claims that it was back in the year 1879 that a now renowned psychologist Wilhelm Wundt set up the first ever psychology lab. Back in the day the purpose of the lab was to experiment the theories of psychology. Every layman is familiar with the name Sigmund Freud who was perhaps the first ever psychologist to have invested a lot of his time and energy in creating what are now the foundations of every theory that exists. Following are three of the most prominent names that invested a great deal in establishing a solid history of psychology.

Sigmund Freud

Freud is perhaps the most important name in the field of psychology. All the complexes one studies were introduced by Freud. He explored the idea of the sub consciousness which was furthered by Carl Jung and took the shape of a collective unconscious. These are the theories that have played a vital role for aspiring psychologists and still come in handy when diagnosis is being made. These theories were the stepping stones in setting up a solid foundation for other psychologists to come.

Rene Descartes

Rene Descartes has been a very important and valuable investment in the field of psychology. From the fifty four years that the world knew Descartes he explored the idea whether the mind and the body were one or two separate entities – and if they were, what roles did they play? He explored the idea that the body has certain power over the mind rather than it being vice versa. He believed that the body could control what the mind thought.

Ernst Weber

Another valuable name in psychology’s history is of Ernst Weber. He explored the human senses in ways they had never been explored before. He explored the five senses – namely smell, touch, taste, sight and hear. He believed that these could make a whole lot of difference on how people perceived the world as collective groups and as individuals.

This is a very brief history of psychology in light of some of the most prominent psychologists in the world.

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