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Looking For A Good Graphic Organizer For Persuasive Essays

Any student will agree to the fact that essay writing can be a hassle. The major complaint is that the process is very linear and there is no scope for creative appeal and visuals but this situation can easily be rectified if you use a graphic organiser. You can not only add a dash of fun to the process but get your persuasive paper written a lot faster. Graphic organisers facilitate unique thought processes and help you derive conclusions that are not really observable.

Brainstorming Sessions

If you have a good quality graphic organiser, it will be easy to see how different topics are connected through the process of webbing. During the brainstorming session, graphic organisers can get really messy with several arrows pointing in different directions and then merging in case of overlapping thoughts. Despite the crisscross of lines, these brainstorming sessions enable you to visualise your thoughts and organise them in a clear manner. Persuasive papers usually deal with complex content and in this case, the need for graphic organisers increase.

How to Use Mind Maps in the Form of Graphic Organiser

  • If you are getting muddled when it comes to depicting the hierarchy in your paper, use mind maps.

  • You can easily show how a particular subject dominates all other subsequent ideas, thereby lowering their importance.

  • As a rule, you need to begin mind maps directly from the main idea in the center and then expand in different directions based on good evidence. This process can be helpful since it serves as a substitute for regular note-taking methods.

How to Use Concept Maps

When you use a concept map in place, you can easily see the connections shared by ideas. The flow between the various components of the paper becomes easier to understand. A concept map resembles a mind map in many ways but provides you with greater degree of control compared to the rigid framework for the mind map. This, therefore, happens to be the best graphic organiser for penning essays where you can explore a lot of content.

Employing Graphic Organisers

Persuasive papers rely on fine details and you need to state proof. It becomes important to pay attention to each and every aspect of your paper and graphic organisers allow you to do the same. Graphic organisers are helpful since they allow you to notice crucial details and they are capable of contributing to the widescale idea.

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