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How To Come Up With A Good Essay Topic For High School

When you are in high school the last thing on your mind it finding a good topic for your essay and that is why it is so easier to find topics online. A simple Google search should be all you need to come up with topics. You can narrow your search to the type of essay your writing or the general topic that you want to do your essay on. For your topic to be a good one, it has to be interesting to you and the reader. If you or the reader is bored with the topic, the essay won’t be very good. You also want to pick a topic that you already know a little bit on the subject; this makes your research easier. If after all of this you still don’t know what you want your topic to be, that’s okay because I’m going to give you a list to start with.

Good Essay Topics

  • How does stress affect the youth of today? As a high school student you have stress over test, the big game, or from your friends or relationships. How are you affected by stress and how do you deal with it?
  • What is the process that happens when you apply to college? You are at that age, where you will have to start applying for colleges soon. So this essay can help you and your fellow classmates on the process.
  • Who actually benefits for the state lottery and does it exploit the poor people that purchase the tickets? You have probably never thought about it before but most of the people that buy and win in the lottery are the poor or working class. Has the lottery exploited these people and what really happens with the money that the lottery receives?
  • Does poverty make people more inclined to commit a crime? Look at studies on the affect of crime in neighborhoods where poor people live, is the rate higher to the same as other places near by. Is there a reason that people that live in poverty commit crimes? Are the doing it because of limited resources or are they just bad people?
  • Is there a shortage of teachers today? You have probably seen on the news about fewer teachers getting jobs and more getting laid off but why is that. It’s not like we are running out of students or are there fewer teachers because of the pay and no one wants to be them now.

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