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Electrical Hazards in Workplace


Electrical hazards are common in every work place and sadly enough, a majority of the employees are oblivious of these hazards as they perform their tasks. Consequently, most deaths occurring at workplaces are as a result of negligence, or a lack thereof, of responsibility on the part of the employees and managers to ensure that measures are in place to guarantee safety in their working environment.

In general, work places are an environment consisting of different kinds of electrical hazards. The equipment and machinery used to undertake the various duties are examples of potential sources of electrical fires. For instance, lack of regular maintenance, inspection and improper use as was intended by the manufacturers can lead to damage and sever injury to the users. In addition, fire may erupt as a result of prolonged use, lack of adequate air exchange or negligence.

Electrical hazards in workplaces

According to Spellman the most prominent causes of electrical hazards in work places include the following:

  • Negligent employees working with various machines do not take time to inspect their components to ensure they are fit for use. Consequently, chipped cables may short circuit causing a fire.
  • In-house equipment demand constant inspection to avert the possibility of electric shocks to the users or the risk of causing a fire.
  • Most Circuits are used to operate a number of equipment that draw more power combined than can be supplied. Therefore, when coming up with a possible working environment, several points of power outlet should be provided.
  • Cleaning agents employed during cleaning of machines and electrical equipment are considerably volatile. Unfortunately, most employees do not take this into consideration and this result in a fire accident.

Spellman recommends a number of measures to ensure that safety is not compromised in workplaces. Managers should provide a comprehensive fire protection detail to deal with occurrence of a fire. This calls for a thorough survey of the work environment to identify potential hazards and training of employees. Electrical Fire hazards can be prevented if proper use is made of the equipment and machinery availed at workplaces. Moreover, Choice of fire fighting equipment is important as well thus, the advice of a fire expert should be sought before a purchase is made to ensure only the right kind of equipment is installed.

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