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Composing A Strong Persuasive Essay On How To Stop Bullying

Bullying is an increasing problem for many developed and developing nations. Even though we expect developed nations to have lesser social problems because they have more educated people, better living standards and higher literacy rates but that is not the case. It is disappointing to see that many states and countries have high rates of bullying regardless of the efforts made by government and private sectors to spread awareness and control it. May be this is because we are not trying hard enough and maybe we are not realizing the critical nature of this issue.

Bullying is an important subject and should be taken seriously. We need to focus more on highlighting the damages it causes in both short and long run and for several people. It is not only wrong for the person being bullied but also for the one doing it. It encourages criminal behavior and certain such elements that we tend to ignore. The person suffering from bullying or harassment may face the consequences in future and impact his social and personal life. If you are going to create a strong persuasive essay about bullying, then you need to have strong research and a fair idea of the subject you are addressing

Here are a few steps to keep in mind in order to compose an exceptional paper about stopping bullying that will convince your audience

  1. Know your niche
  2. The first thing you need to do is the select the subject area you will address. You can do this by breaking down the subject into sub categories or eliciting process where you start from general questions and narrow them down to more specific ones.

  3. Choose a strong topic
  4. Make sure the title of your assignment is strong enough so that you are able to hook your audience and engage them to continue reading the rest of your paper

  5. Develop your major arguments
  6. Create the major arguments by dividing your title or main thesis into several parts

  7. Gather evidence
  8. Collect logical and factual evidence for your arguments that will support your ideas

  9. Create an outline
  10. Arrange the data in an outline for better organization

  11. Write your paper
  12. Avoid repetition and create a strong paper

  13. Write a precise conclusion
  14. Emphasize on your stance in the conclusion and show how you proved it right to convince the audience of your ideas

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