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Practical Guidelines For Writing A Synthesis Essay

Before you go forth and write a synthesis essay, you must equip yourself with skills to digest and present information in an organized manner. Below is a practical guideline that will help you write a synthesis essay.

Examining Your Topic

First and foremost, you must understand that the purpose of writing a synthesis essay is to clearly show insightful relations linking parts of a work with the aim of presenting and supporting your topic.

The next step is choosing a topic that is suitable for your case. Ensure that whichever topic you pick is sufficiently broad to pull numerous linked sources collectively.

After you have your topic selected, you then choose, read and analyze your sources carefully. At times, when you have your synthesis essay topic predetermined by another party; sources or research materials are also provided for you.

Finally at this stage you are expected to develop your thesis statement, an opinion about your topic in relation to the facts you gather during your research.

Outlining Your Essay

It is very critical that you present your material to best illustrate your views to the end reader of your synthesis essay. The specific outline expected from you includes:

  • The introductory paragraph

    1. Introduction sentence (this captures the readers mind )

    2. Highlight the issues you plan to discuss

    3. Your thesis statement

  • The body paragraph

  • The conclusion paragraph

Use a creative structure to present your work for example; illustrations, concession, comparison and contrast or straw man.

Writing Your Essay

In reference to your outline, make your first draft. Note that in some instances, you will not get time to make more than one draft; thus you ought to ensure excellence on the first draft.

You will write your synthesis essay in third persona. Be sure to present enough information to prove your case in the essay. Use transitions to show the points where your sources support your statement.

Finalizing Your Synthesis Essay

You then finalize by revising your work. At this point you have the best chance of strengthening your arguments while improving transitions between paragraphs. You can ask another person to proofread your piece before handing it in.

Proofread your essay and cite your resources at the end of the essay. Then at the end of it all, you choose a title to your essay. The title presents your perspective in the thesis statement and arguments supporting it.

There are quite a number of points to consider for the best synthesis essay writing, check this site for a comprehensive guideline.

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