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Ten Steps To Writing An Essay Like A Professional: Tips For High School Students

Written communication is one means of relaying information that is used in almost every professional field. People write proposals, invoices, resumes, letters of apology, instructions, and even resignation notes every day in the professional world. The people who have to compose essay type documents in their job have the process down to an exact science.

High school students could benefit from knowing what these people know. Use our ten steps and tips for high school students to know how to write like a professional.

10 Steps and Tips for Writing an Essay Like a Professional

  1. Know your audience-before you even consider dashing off a quick essay, you need to consider who the audience of this document is going to be. An essay to an employee would be different than an essay to a prospective client. Know your audience.

  2. Know your purpose-why are you composing this essay? Is it to prove something or to explain a process? Know the purpose, so your writing can deliver the right message.

  3. Research-do your research. Professionals have to know their business, facts, and data because not knowing these times may cause them to lose money. You, too, as a high schools student, have to know your facts.

  4. Find a template-if you are new at this, look online and see if you can find a template, which can help you with the format. And if you can find an example piece that is even better for you to model your work after as you compose.

  5. Have an outline-once you know your mission, know your audience, and do your research make an outline which you will follow as you write like a professional.

  6. Drafts-always compose a rough draft. This tip is very important. Never finish and submit immediately.

  7. Proofs and edits-after you compose the rough draft, sit down and make all the edits and changes that are needed. Proofing is very important to high schools students and to professionals.

  8. Let it sit-if you have time, let the essay sit for a while before submitting it. You will want to come back one more time with fresh eyes and check it for errors.

  9. Watch your emotions-if your subject is emotional, you must make sure that any emotional arguments are still written professionally and have strong support as evidence. Unsupported emotional points will weaken a paper.

  10. Keep a file-keep either an electronic or a hard copy file of all the essays you have written. You can refer to these pieces in the future.

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