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How To Write An Impressive Introduction For Your Essay: Guidelines And Examples

Essay writing is one of the most critical skills students need during their school and college life. No student can ever complete his or her educational career without having to write an essay. The topics and types of these essays vary with the grade and even the geographical location you live in. However, the purpose of these assignments remains the same. Essay writing helps students improve their understanding of the subject as well as increases their vocabulary. It helps them polish their skills and develop the ability to think critically. Teachers also get to know the potential and writing ability of each student when they look at the paper.

Students need to write an essay with much dedication and attention. The best way to compose an effective paper is to divide your task into easy steps. This article talks about how you can create a great introduction for you essay and impress your audience.

The purpose of an introduction is to introduce the audience with your subject and give them an overview about the rest of your paper. This is very critical part of your paper because it decides the first impression your paper will have on the reader. If you are able to make a great first impression and hook your audience in this paragraph then you will succeed. You do not need to give all the information here but only give them enough to hook them or build their curiosity.

To show the overall scope of your paper you need to include a thesis statement in your paper. This statement does not need to stand out from the rest of the paragraph. It is not mandatory to have a thesis statement in your paper. Remember to include this statement by the end of your introduction paragraph. If you do not know how to write a thesis statement then you need to consider one thing. This statement should be the answer to the following question

“What is the basic purpose or aim of this paper?”

The answer to this question in one or two sentences is your thesis statement.

Another thing you should remember about the introduction is the length. Do not make this paragraph longer than half the length of your paper. Students need to remember that the length of this paragraph should be enough to introduce your topic to the reader.

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