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Cause and Effect Essay Topics: a List of Great Ideas

Cause and effect is just one of many different types of essays that students will be required to write during their time in school. It is important to understand the different types of essays, how to write them, and how to choose fantastic topics. This is often easier said than done because if a student has never encountered a certain type of essay before, they will not automatically know to look into how to write it. With this being said, it is essential for students to be provided with information on all of the varying types of essays that will, at some point, encounter. The following information is in regards to cause and effect essays and how to choose a perfect topic.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

To pick a topic for a cause and effect essay it is vital to understand what exactly it is. Often times a cause and effect essay is confused with a compare and contrast essay, which as its name implies, a list of comparisons and contrasts for a particular subject. A cause and effect on the other hand is a detailing of the reasons why something happens and the consequences that something creates. In other words, the cause and effect of a particular issue.

Choosing a Topic

There are several aspects to choosing a topic for any type of essay including cause and effect. The first thing to do is compile a list of things that you are interested in, are passionate about, have prior knowledge of, and can easily research. Also, add to the list all ideas that spark when you start working on the project. Then start narrowing down the list by eliminating items for various reasons. The reasons can include topics that have been overdone, topics that are hard to research or few resources are available, and topics that you know but are not passionate about or topics that you are passionate about but have no knowledge of.

Possible Topic List

  1. The effect weather has on a person’s mood
  2. What effect does the internet have on modern businesses
  3. Explain your personal view (likes or dislikes) of a particular movie, book, author, musician, actor, etc.
  4. What effect does the internet have on privacy
  5. Explain the effect on America (or the world) caused by a particular war
  6. The AIDS epidemic
  7. The effect of technology on freedom
  8. The effect of the automobile on society
  9. Causes and effects of college drop outs
  10. Causes and effects of high school drop outs

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