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A List Of Awesome Essay Topics For High School Students

The real test of essay topics for high school students is to enable them to write an essay that will give them the chance to show their ability to write at a level suitable for college or for the workplace. Likewise an essay at this level may help as a personalized introduction so if you are writing this type of essay you need to choose an essay topic that not only interests you but also showcases your ability as a writer. You also need to consider that an essay at this level may require you to combine different types of writing such as descriptive and persuasive.

  1. If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to travel? For this essay you should not just give a description about the place, you also need to give details – why do you want to go there, what do think that you will experience there. What impact do you think that the experience will have on you?
  2. Have you already visited somewhere that may have had a impact on your learning. This could have been a museum (such as The Smithsonian) or a historical re-enactment.
  3. What are the advantages of Social Network Sites? Do you think that it has made communication more accessible?
  4. Do you know who is reading your Facebook posts? What are you interpretation of the laws that protect you privacy.
  5. How has Technology impacted on modern culture? Make a comparison to another period of time.
  6. You is your hero? Is it a modern day hero or a hero from the past? Why do you feel that person has had an effect on your life or on your outlook?
  7. Who is your favourite author? Why is this author significant to you? What do you feel that they represent through their writing?
  8. What is your favourite book or film? Do you think that the film of book is representational of the society in which it was set? How realistic is the story line?
  9. What was the most significant and defining experience of your life so far? What changes have you made on your life in response to this?
  10. Thinking back on your life, how have you changed over the past five years? How have your attitudes changed?
  11. Image yourself in 5 years’ time? In what ways do you think that you will change? How much change will be due to your experiences and learning?
  12. Imagine that you met one of your ancestors, what would you like to ask them about their life and their interests?
  13. Choosing your main hobby or interest, what did you have to do to become good at this hobby? Was obstacles got in your way?
  14. What skill would you like to learn and why?
  15. If you were the President, what would you make your priority in the first year of your term in office?

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