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Do You Think That Miracles (Supernatural Events) Happen Today?


Miracles have often been the mainstay of major world religions. These religions are often based on miracles that were performed and recorded in ancient times. The religions have stayed with us but have the miracles gone and stopped happening? This is a question that once sparked a hot debate among some of London’s most prominent scientists, journalists and authors. Miracles have been defined as extraordinary events that depart from the usual order ("Do Miracles Ever Happen?"). The events are caused by a supernatural power or purpose. Most People, irrespective of their level of civilization, believe in miracles. However, it is conventional for those who do to be branded as superstitious. This drives us to wonder whether miracles really happen in current times.


A miracle indicates the existence of supernatural deities. Evidence must, however, be presented to show that, indeed, that was a miracle. The problem, nevertheless, is that there are individuals who will have alternative explanations as to how the event came about.

Naturalism, for instance, may discredit a miracle as simply being a phenomenon that is purely natural and does not have recourse to anything over and above the physical world. This school of thought claims that all experiences have a physical explanation. Science also attempts to offer full explanations to supernatural events in empirically verifiable terms. As such, proving that a miracle has occurred becomes quite a difficult task.


The story of Moses and the burning bush is a common miracle told from ancient times. However, some people claim this was a hallucination experience for Moses; others claim that it was merely a mirage or an effect of heat distortion. Going by these accounts, we then can’t help but contemplate that it might be possible that miracles did not even happen to begin with. Going by this, it then brings us to the conclusion that miracles did not stop happening, they just weren’t there to begin with.

It is also possible that miracles still do happen, but they are erroneously explained using science and math. It might be our reasoning patterns that blind us from really seeing miracles that happen all around us.


Whether miracles happen or not is an issue that is highly subjective; religion and science greatly differ on the matter. Therefore, the subject had better be looked at from a personal perspective. One thing that is evident is that miracles are based on faith, and they do generate hope.


Whether miracles happen or not is highly debatable. The fact, however, is that sometimes, there are events that do happen out of the ordinary. Some of these events may be natural to some people but for other individuals, they constitute miracles manifested by a supernatural deity.

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