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American Ethnic History

In America, there are six officially recognized racial and ethnic categories. They include the White Americans, the Native Americans and the Alaska Native, the Asian Americans, the Black or African Americans, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander and people of two or more races usually referred to as Other Race. This is usually used in the census and other important surveys conducted in the United States of America. For this reason, the United States is considered a racially and ethnically diverse nation. The White Americans are the majority of the Unites States citizens. On the other hand, the African Americans constitute of the minority ethnic community, at 13.2 % of the population. The Hispanic and the Latino are about 17% of the nation’s population. In all the regions, the White Americans are the majority. All the groups exist in varying percentages in the different regions of the United States.

The Origin

The White Americans have their origin in Middle East, Europe and North Africa. For the African

Americans, the origin is sub-Saharan Africa. The Native Americans are said to have their origin in South, Central, and North America. This is so irrespective of maintaining community attachment or even tribal affiliations. For the Asian Americans, the origin is Asia as well some parts of India. Middle-eastern Americans originated from the Arab world, Middle East as well as North America. The Multi-racial are those who can check off or even write in more than a single race. In the US, each person has two attributes that aid identification. First, if one is of Hispanic ethnicity and their racial identity.

Historical Trends

In 1610, the Black Americans were non-existent in America. However, after 1620, they increased rapidly. This was majorly attributed to the widespread slave trade. Historically also, there were only a few Hispanics in the United States. The case was the same for Asian Americans as well as Native Americans. However, their populations rapidly increased in the 21st century. At the same time, these groups were increasing in numbers, so were the African Americans. Until 1930, when they were only 10 % of the population, they have continued to increase. Currently, the Whites, that includes the Non-Hispanic Whites, now constitutes of the largest percentage of the population, approximately between 80 and 90%. Though the nation seems to be ethnically and racially diverse, it remains ahead in civilization and is endowed with westernized culture.

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