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What Everybody Ought To Know About IB Extended Essay Writing

Writing an IB extended essay can be challenging due to various aspects. This form of writing prepares students for intensive research as an undergraduate. There are various aspects of the writing process that is reviewed to ensure students understand the subject matter and what is expected of them. This form of writing really challenges aspects of personal knowledge, how it’s acquired and how ideas are developed. Here are a few things you should know about this form of writing and how to prepare for the task.

How the IB Extended Essay Is Assessed

There are appointed examiners that review written content and use a letter grading system. The letter system is close to what is used in grade school with an “A” being the best on the scale. But this system is based on how well the content is written, presented and how much effort has been put into it. If you plan your actions ahead of time and take your time you can produce a paper worth a high grade. The appointed examiners follow a specific procedure as they assess content submitted.

Understand Project Structure

There are two things you can do to ensure you understand how the content is structured. First you can review elements of the assignment with instructor on how it should be written. Second you can study samples of this type of writing to know what you need to produce. As you review guidelines for your assignment you should have an idea of what information to use and how it should appear. The sample should give insight on how to incorporate elements of your guidelines into your own paper. The structure includes having a strong introduction, detailed body paragraphs and a conclusion that effectively closes your topic.

A Good IB Extended Paper Requires Thorough Research

One element appointed examiners look for is quality content. They analyze how much research you have completed and how diverse your content is for your subject matter. The amount of research you complete is important. Your paper should include interesting details that stand out with the use of credible sources. The level of research completed gives a good indication of how well you understood your subject matter. This helps make your project different from others along with giving your unique perspective on the topic.

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