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Essay Writing Strategies: Composing a Brilliant Paper

Whether you are majoring in English, math, or science, you will need to write many a paper throughout the course of your academic career. Learning the basics of how to properly present an argument sooner rather than later will bring you a great deal of benefit as time goes by. Follow these essay writing strategies to compose a brilliant paper:

  • Start your project early. That is really important and it cannot be overemphasized. While you might believe that you work best under pressure, or that you can meet any deadline with enough procrastination to motivate you, you are wrong. You might enjoy the stress or adrenaline rush that accompanies the last minute deadlines, but your paper will show that you waited. Your teacher will know, especially if you are asking for an extension. Instead of getting a C paper, work hard and get an A paper.
  • Spend time to develop your arguments well and to ensure you are meeting the parameters of the assignment. Read over any materials or grading rubrics given to you by your teacher, so that you can properly plan everything in your paper.
  • Make sure you know how many sources you need, what citation style you have to use, what the length of your paper is, and whether the topic is assigned or up to you to decide.
  • Create an outline. Do not skip this step. It is not an archaic one. It is an important one. You do not have to complete the traditional outline with full Roman numerals, but you should write out your arguments and evidence and play around with the order until you find something that best presents your arguments. Once that is done, it is time to write the draft.
  • The first draft will never be perfect, but that does not mean you should skip it. No writer, even famous authors, has been able to produce a perfect first draft. In order to write a good first draft, you want to use the outline you created to draft the body, the introduction, and the conclusion. You do not have to write them in any particular order. You can give yourself time to back and change things or make alterations to the draft as more ideas or evidence present themselves. The purpose of the draft is to have something you can work in different orders, and can edit until it is complete.

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