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Coming Up with Fresh Essay Topics on Terrorism in Pakistan

The ability to write great essays comes down to several factors, including your ability to present a logical argument, provide ample supporting evidence, and a demonstrated ability to convey ideas clearly among other things. But one of the elements of a great essay, that is often overlooked, is simply coming up with a fresh essay topic that is interesting and original. The same is true when writing on the subject of terrorism in Pakistan. Here are a few ideas that might inspire you to come up with topics of your own:

  1. Since 2003, the death toll due to terrorist attacks has risen from about 150 to over 3300 with as many as 35,000 people killed since 2001. How has the world responded and what support do you see in the near future?
  2. What is the nature of terrorism in Pakistan? How is it similar or different from how terrorism happens in other parts of the world? How has Pakistan’s political, social and economic history influenced how terrorism has occurred there in the last two decades?
  3. In regards to how the economy affects terrorist acts, what does research suggest are the links between the two? Can these links be used in such a way that governments can predict when their nations are at risk both from within and from outside?
  4. How do terrorist acts affect the way international countries respond to international travel and security measures for its airports, docks, and borders?
  5. Much of the terrorism that happens in the world seems to have link with the Muslim community. However, it would be incorrect to think that Islam directly promotes terrorist acts against civilians. How does this affect public policy in local communities living in fear?
  6. What role does the U.S. play in how violent terrorist acts have developed in Pakistan? What foreign policies exist that allow the U.S. to either have more involvement or prevent them from taking action?
  7. What has violence in Pakistan done to the mental and physical health of the children in the population? Is it the responsibility of the global community to take action against the negative side effects of this?
  8. How has the violence in Pakistan affected the way people around the world defines terrorism? How does foreign policy with this country differ from the policies towards other countries?
  9. What counter-terrorist efforts have proven to be the most effective in Pakistan that have proven to be ineffective in other parts of the world? Is there to suggest why this has happened?
  10. Is Pakistan at risk of new forms of terrorism, such as cyber-terrorism? Why or why aren’t the world’s countries acting in unison to prevent this kind of attack considering that so many financial institutions are at risk?

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