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A List Of Winning Review Essay Topics For College Students

It is human nature to post opinions to whatever comes one’s way. We may denounce or approve a subject. We may also color it in shades of grey. Reviews, therefore, are an eminent part of our lives. We often leave our decisions on the reviews of others; whether we should support the existing Govt., eat at a particular restaurant or watch a certain movie.

Lapping up reviews

Review essay topics are lapped up by students with good humor. Here, the college student gets a chance to create; come out of the syllabus shell and norms and place whatever is in his mind. There is hardly any need for persuasion.

An example

Whenever a sports team fares badly in a global event, points are raised as to the reasons behind the failure of the team. Review easy topics find proper nutrients in same such events and almost shoot out of it like amoeba.

Following the pattern

Teachers should however follow a pattern while selecting topics for review essays. They should not only be driven by instinct but follow the trends and look for topics which may bring out ideas and solutions. In fact, it may even help to take ideas from the intelligent students themselves.

Some working theories

The changing policies, the sudden evolution of a trend; a revolution of the mindset or a curbing of a regulation; they are all standing genres for winning review essay topics. Come to think of it, it is quite easy to think of the topics if one only chooses to keep his eyes and ears open.

Here is a list of 10 winning review essay topics –

  1. Did Titanic deserve the accolades and crowns it acquired?
  2. What makes a man live in a nuclear setup and still aspire to be a social entity?
  3. Evaluate the evolution of movies – Horror and entertainment?
  4. Evaluate the problems that kids face with studies; thanks to all the distraction around?
  5. Evaluate whether we are going to leave a bright and right world for the generations to come?
  6. Soccer is fast and Golf is slow. Evaluate why they are both so popular?
  7. Evaluate the effects of the globalization of food. Now, there is availability of all cuisines for the connoisseurs.
  8. Evaluate the pertinent factors that become the pillars of a good movie.
  9. Evaluate the best fiction book you have ever read?
  10. Art is a global citizen; not confined to boundaries. State the limitations which should be imposed on it.

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