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12 Controversial Topics For A School Essay On Discipline

Discipline, or lack of it in schools is a topic that is guaranteed to get tongues wagging. With loud voices coming from both the left and right of the argument, it is sometimes very easy for those that would take a more middle-of-the-road kind of voice to be heard. However, from an academic point of view, this is exactly the kind of brain food and essay fodder that you need in order to be able to produce a really stimulating piece.

Sometimes, writing the essay is the easiest part and it is coming up with the topics that prove more challenging. So, in case you now find yourself in this predicament here are 12 controversial topics for a school essay on discipline:

  • Should corporal punishment be used in schools? Who gets the right to decide what levels of physical punishment (if any) are acceptable? Should this be made at governmental level? Individual School level? Or parental level?

  • Is it ever acceptable for a teacher to shame a child in front of their peers for bad behavior? Is this simply the best way of enforcing discipline? Or is it a form of emotional cruelty and abuse?

  • Should teachers who sleep with their teenage pupils be automatically given a twenty-five year jail term?

  • Who gets to discipline the disciplinarians? Should pupils have more of a say in how this particular policy is implemented in their schools?

  • Does lack of discipline in school turn out criminals instead of fully-functioning members of society?

  • Is it right that a first-grader should be subject to the same levels of discipline as say, a seventh grader? Should discipline be staggered so that it is age appropriate? Or is it never too early to be instilling this within schools?

  • Should school uniforms be mandatory? Are kids who wear uniform more discipline and orderly than their peers that don’t?

  • Do schools that have high-levels of bullying lack discipline, or is this a wider issue with society?

  • Is there any evidence to suggest that faith schools have higher levels of discipline that non faith schools? If so, why is that?

  • Is discipline even necessary in the school environment?

  • In the event of a school shooting, is it always necessary to review the school policy with regard to discipline and ramp it up?

  • Can sport play a role in disciplining children?

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